12 March 2015

A Vintage carnival - A grand old day based on the greatest show on earth!

A celebration or a circus, a carnival is always fun.  So why not make your party a carnival?  Inspired by a carnival night activity I used to do while working at a summer camp out in the states, here are some of my vintage carnival party tricks.

Lisa Golightly

It could be for a whole party, birthday, hen do or for a corner at your wedding that's dedicated to the kids.

If you want a full on carnival day, start with the invitations, the entry tickets.  Admit one!

Circus Invite Pinterest
Let them know the theme and what to expect straight away.  Even include a tear off section, so they can bring it along and hand that part in, or have the tear off section the RSVP part and they get to keep the actual ticket.  You could even have a ticket booth as they come in, or have a ticket booth style table plan.

I'm sure our friends over at Laura Henderson Illustration could do these for you, they have some excellent work you can see on their site.  Here's some retro sweets they drew up to use as table names at weddings.  Vintage sweets, they've definitely nailed this theme.

Most of the ideas I've seen tend to revolve around a red and white theme, with a splash of yellow, to give it that big top feel.    On the table spreads, the bunting, add some colour and make it feel authentic.

Have a candy corner,  for party favours or just for some little treats during the day.  A lemonade stand,  put your drinks dispenser on to a vintage cake stand to add that extra little retro touch to your day.
Wedding Chicks
Have peanuts, brightly coloured sweets, anything that reminds you of a carnival, displayed all over the stall, entice people with some retro delights.  Candy floss is also a carnival essential.  Our friends over at Some Like it Hot, supply popcorn machines and candy that can be hired out for a day.

And what is a carnival without a ridiculous picture or two?  Here's a picture of one we use at the summer camp, the inspiration for this blog, with an added puppy.

Sticking your head onto a body that doesn't fit, always fun.

The tiny touches for the day..

Have your drinks out in classic glass bottles, make it feel vintage and fun.  Here's some Coca-Cola vintage inspiration.

Vintage Coke, Pinterest

Or how about a poster highlighting the stars of the day?

Curiosity Contained

Ideal for just a backdrop, or why not introduce the hosts of the party on this?  They don't have to be the above names,  but have a carnival themed poster introducing them as the main acts, different ones for the bridesmaids, groomsmen and the families.

And what is a carnival without GAMES?!  There are so many options.

Martha Stewart Weddings

Have a cool roll of tickets to make it authentic, or do as the above and use them as little centrepieces!

Over at Butler and Taylor, we have plenty of games to hire, from board games to Victorian games!

Our Victorian selection includes Quiots, where you are given hoops to throw with the intent of landing them on the post!  More points the further away you are (I'm a little competitive)!   And the old favourite metal hoop and stick, a test for nimbleness.  How fast can you go?  And as you can see above, we have SKITTLES!  So simple, no explanation needed, and endless amounts of fun.

We also have board games, on board games, on board games.. all vintage of course.  We have the most classic of classics, scrabble and pick up sticks and then some more.  The rest include Joey the Ring,  Flag Puzzle and Floundering.  All of these are available to hire from Butler and Taylor.

There are plenty of games that you can make by yourself too, one of my favourites is the ring toss.  All you need are some bottles, and some sort of hoop to throw.  Arrange the bottles anyway you want, or in a little box, and have people throw the hoops from a distance away and try land it on the neck of the bottle.

Another excellent one is the simple stack up some bottles and have people throw a ball at them until they knock them all down.  Can you do it in three?

Anyone been to any carnival themed events recently, did I miss anything out?  Or let us know if you've having a carnival themed party or weddings!

Have a little look at our pinterest board here for more inspiration

Hope you enjoyed!

Heather x


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