20 February 2015

A fresh start. And a fresh face for the vintage lassies.

Hello there, remember me?  Well its only been yet another long while since we’ve dusted off the cobwebs from this vintage lassies blog.  Between parenting, running our wee vintage hire business, setting up a new workshop for it and trying to remain feet on ground – sadly our lovely wee blog has had a little bit of neglect. 

But fear not.  We’re back!

And I have a new face to introduce you to.


Heather is her name and she will be setting up camp over here, as well as on our did-I-mention-we-finally-have-an instagram account, twitter feed, and pinterest…  So, in order for you to get an idea of who she is – I did a wee email interview with her so you can know what to expect over the next few months…. 

Hello Heather, welcome to “the vintage lassies” blog. Tell us a bit about you and your life til now.

Hi, I’m Heather and I’m currently studying Marketing at Napier University, but have taken the opportunity to go on placement with Butler & Taylor. I’m currently living in Edinburgh but have spent the last few summers out at a summer camp in Michigan!

What excites you about being a blogger for the vintage lassies?

I’m excited to share the ideas I have, the things I find, become part of the blogging community and being inspired by everyone else.

We know you're Butler and Taylor’s intern at the moment as well, what do you enjoy about working for them?

I enjoy having the freedom to put my ideas out there, but still having their honest support when I’m not so sure my ‘great idea’ is actually great.

What are your favourite blogs at the moment?

Between pinterest obsessing and pretending I’m an interior designer (while helping my sister design her new flat) – this blog has been one I’ve found on my travels… Oh So Lovely Vintage http://ohsolovelyvintage.blogspot.ca.

And for some viral videos / marketing studying downtime – adverblog is my go-to! I can spend all day watching  - http://www.adverblog.com

What is your favourite Butler and Taylor hire item and why?

I really love the typewriter. I remember having a typewriter when I was younger that I was obsessed with, so maybe a nostalgic like.


You're in Edinburgh; tell us about your favourite places:

I like the Very Vintage shop on Bruntsfield in Edinburgh, it just pulls me in with all the random and beautiful things it has in there. I also really love the new café that has opened on the corner of my road, Odds and Ends coffee, which has a very vintage feel about it, as well as great coffee and lovely people.

And outside of vintage world, where are we likely to find you at the weekends?

At the weekends I tend to be trying to drag a friend to a new coffee shop, there are so many and I want to try them all! Or if I’ve gone home to the Borders for the weekend, I’ve probably found a highland pony to canter around a hill on. My favourite thing to do!

What kind of blogs do you hope to share with us over the next few months?

I hope to share all kinds of blogs, themes and ideas for weddings. And with the Oscars approaching, I’ve been obsessing over Holywood glamour, so expect a little something to do with that in the next week or so.


So stay tuned folks. 

The Vintage Lassies are back!

Claire xxx


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