20 April 2015

The Alternative Guestbook Blog

The guest book, a time capsule, a sentimental reminder of the day.. anything you want to call it and anything you want it to be.  There are a crazy amount of ideas out there, simple, traditional, creative, it can be whatever you want it to be (it is your day after all!). 

From fingerprints to typewriters, some of my favourite ideas are here!  From the most simple of ideas, to the most creative, all of these are enticing enough to encourage your guests to leave a little moment for you.  And it doesn't have to just be for weddings either, any occasion can be remembered with one of these.

I'll start with one of my favourites, our friends over at Bygone Photo Booth, another member of the Glasgow Wedding Collective Team.  Instant nostalgia, as they say, and they're so right.  Starting with a little personalised telegram to you, its vintage every step of the way.  And who doesn't love taking a ridiculous picture in a Photo Booth?  Almost a guarantee every guest will get involved, and a great way to remember everyone who was there and having fun.

Another idea that I love is the, slightly messy, fingerprint guest book.  Here's a beautiful fingerprint tree I found on Little Thimble Gifts on Etsy.

How lovely is that!  And then there is the freedom to pick the colours you want, or have a free for all for it to be your guests designs.  It doesn't have to be a tree either, I've seen plenty where the fingerprints are balloons, flower petals, bubbles and even gum balls in a machine.  The possibilities are endless, and there is the opportunity to personalise it, make the starting picture something that is important to you or just a picture that you adore.  Then you are left with a creative keepsake courtesy of your guests.  A step away from the traditional signatures and guaranteed to catch their eye.

If you have read our blogs before (if you haven't, have a wee peek after this), you will have read that my favourite thing in the Butler and Taylor collection, which wasn't an easy choice, is the typewriter.

If only I could be writing this blog on a typewriter, think I would need to be less reliant on the spellchecker though..  Back to guest books, why not have your guests type up a little message for you?  Vintage and thoughtful!  Our typewriter is available to hire out over at  Butler and Taylor.  I'd be drawn towards it, and I'm sure others would too.  And actually, Claire used this at her wedding, as you can see below, so it must be a great idea!

And after they've wrote them, keep them safe in a little vintage suitcase, like this idea I found on Love My Dress.  We have a few vintage cases that you can hire out too, over on our site Butler and Taylor.

And if you are someone who loves to travel, or fancy yourself as a bit of a traveller (me), why not have a map as a guest book?  Like this one I found on Mary Fields Photography.  Guests can sign the book on a page where they are from, where they met you, endless possibilities.

You could even ramp things up from that, and have a globe at the ready for people to sign!  A little harder to take home afterwards but a great keepsake.

Or why not make use of technology, and have a guest box where they can record you a mini message.    I don't actually have a picture I could find for this one,  but I think our friends over at Franco Photo Booth could step up for the job.  You could maybe even put it next to the typewriter and find out which guests love technology and which guests love vintage, bet it would surprise you!

Which ever one of these you pick, or if you have your own idea, why not make the guest book a whole area of its own and use a good old VW Campervan as the backdrop.  Who doesn't love them?  Here is our lovely, Betsy Blue, who unfortunately has retired from weddings now.

Someone old, something new, something borrowed, something (betsy) blue...

Whats the most memorable guest book you've seen at a wedding?  Or has it ever been replaced with something you've loved?

Hope you enjoyed reading, let me know if you use any of these ideas!  I'd love to see them!

Heather x

12 March 2015

A Vintage carnival - A grand old day based on the greatest show on earth!

A celebration or a circus, a carnival is always fun.  So why not make your party a carnival?  Inspired by a carnival night activity I used to do while working at a summer camp out in the states, here are some of my vintage carnival party tricks.

Lisa Golightly

It could be for a whole party, birthday, hen do or for a corner at your wedding that's dedicated to the kids.

If you want a full on carnival day, start with the invitations, the entry tickets.  Admit one!

Circus Invite Pinterest
Let them know the theme and what to expect straight away.  Even include a tear off section, so they can bring it along and hand that part in, or have the tear off section the RSVP part and they get to keep the actual ticket.  You could even have a ticket booth as they come in, or have a ticket booth style table plan.

I'm sure our friends over at Laura Henderson Illustration could do these for you, they have some excellent work you can see on their site.  Here's some retro sweets they drew up to use as table names at weddings.  Vintage sweets, they've definitely nailed this theme.

Most of the ideas I've seen tend to revolve around a red and white theme, with a splash of yellow, to give it that big top feel.    On the table spreads, the bunting, add some colour and make it feel authentic.

Have a candy corner,  for party favours or just for some little treats during the day.  A lemonade stand,  put your drinks dispenser on to a vintage cake stand to add that extra little retro touch to your day.
Wedding Chicks
Have peanuts, brightly coloured sweets, anything that reminds you of a carnival, displayed all over the stall, entice people with some retro delights.  Candy floss is also a carnival essential.  Our friends over at Some Like it Hot, supply popcorn machines and candy that can be hired out for a day.

And what is a carnival without a ridiculous picture or two?  Here's a picture of one we use at the summer camp, the inspiration for this blog, with an added puppy.

Sticking your head onto a body that doesn't fit, always fun.

The tiny touches for the day..

Have your drinks out in classic glass bottles, make it feel vintage and fun.  Here's some Coca-Cola vintage inspiration.

Vintage Coke, Pinterest

Or how about a poster highlighting the stars of the day?

Curiosity Contained

Ideal for just a backdrop, or why not introduce the hosts of the party on this?  They don't have to be the above names,  but have a carnival themed poster introducing them as the main acts, different ones for the bridesmaids, groomsmen and the families.

And what is a carnival without GAMES?!  There are so many options.

Martha Stewart Weddings

Have a cool roll of tickets to make it authentic, or do as the above and use them as little centrepieces!

Over at Butler and Taylor, we have plenty of games to hire, from board games to Victorian games!

Our Victorian selection includes Quiots, where you are given hoops to throw with the intent of landing them on the post!  More points the further away you are (I'm a little competitive)!   And the old favourite metal hoop and stick, a test for nimbleness.  How fast can you go?  And as you can see above, we have SKITTLES!  So simple, no explanation needed, and endless amounts of fun.

We also have board games, on board games, on board games.. all vintage of course.  We have the most classic of classics, scrabble and pick up sticks and then some more.  The rest include Joey the Ring,  Flag Puzzle and Floundering.  All of these are available to hire from Butler and Taylor.

There are plenty of games that you can make by yourself too, one of my favourites is the ring toss.  All you need are some bottles, and some sort of hoop to throw.  Arrange the bottles anyway you want, or in a little box, and have people throw the hoops from a distance away and try land it on the neck of the bottle.

Another excellent one is the simple stack up some bottles and have people throw a ball at them until they knock them all down.  Can you do it in three?

Anyone been to any carnival themed events recently, did I miss anything out?  Or let us know if you've having a carnival themed party or weddings!

Have a little look at our pinterest board here for more inspiration

Hope you enjoyed!

Heather x

23 February 2015

Make your wedding more glamorous than the Oscars, lets go old Hollywood glam!

Hello, it's Heather here writing my first blog for you guys (and my first ever blog I think!). Keeping in with my slight obsession with film and awards season, the Oscars have inspired me to write about old Hollywood Glamour and how you can theme your day around this.

Once I started looking, there are so many ideas out there for this, so I've tried to limit myself to my favourites, or I'd be here for days on end.
Here's a little inspiration board from Snippet and Ink
It's all very classic, the gold and the white theme, art deco, classic cars and lets not forget the popcorn!
Start as you mean to go on, with themed invitations and save the date cards. There are so many different ideas out there, but my favourites have been the art deco invites and the movie ticket styled invites.
Here are some lovely ones from some of our friends over at the Glasgow Wedding Collective.
This beautiful movie ticket invite is from E.Y.I.LOVE, they have a massive variety of wedding stationary on their site and its all just as great.
This is from the lovely Com Bossa designs, a site full of beautiful bespoke wedding invitations and more.
Both f them give guests an idea of whats in store, and stand out from any other invites. The art deco invite even has a touch of the Great Gatsby about it and the roaring 20's party theme.
Moving on to the tables, name cards and centrepieces, there are a thousand and one ideas out there that I love. Most of them are gold and white, but black and red also make a beautiful old Hollywood theme and I'm sure there are ways to incorporate other colours into it.
Wedding ChicksI adore this numeracy, would be excellent combined with the movie ticket invite. With the mini clapperboard as stand, it's a really lovely personal touch to add to your tables and one that I'm sure wouldn't be forgotten.
These countdown reels are also great as table numbering ideas. If your tables don't have names then you can still make their number cards exciting and allow them to fit into the theme. You could even have theme as a countdown and have your table as the film title card! You can get them from Cobblestone Invites on Etsy.
Anything art deco really will fit in beautifully with the theme. However, if you're looking for a more subdued but still as authentic a theme, here is a beautiful centrepiece I found on the Brides of Adelaide website.

More subdued on the theme, as I said before, but every bit as beautiful. It gives off the classic look and the old Hollywood vibe. I love the little gold frame in the middle. And here's a similar, full table spread I found on the Just Imagine - Home Decor Facebook page.
This one breathes vintage and glamour, the gold and the white and the over indulgent flowers spread around are very nostalgic of the old Hollywood and the glamour of the 20's.
Here are some other little touches to add to the theme. I think the small things really bring it all together and the tiniest of touches can really make it.
Champagne Tower - PinterestA champagne tower is amazing, the vintage champagne saucers really add a special touch to it. These saucers really make you feel like you're part of the theme, and we actually hire them out for these special occasions. Head on over to Butler and Taylor to hire them!
A vintage popcorn machine fits in with those movie tickets earlier, and can be a little treat or a wedding favour. Especially great if there are kids around! Some Like It Hot are a lovely Fife based company who will provide a popcorn machine, an attendant and some other little treats to suit your needs!
And then add some classic movie tunes to really get people into it, we have a Gramophone DJ service that will play all your old favourites from the 20's to the 50's. Oh the nostalgia!
And why not end your day in style and drive off in a vintage car? Here's a beautiful classic Rolls Royce, although I can't guarantee a Scottish wedding will have the backdrop of the picture below!
Secrest Weddings
And while you're getting ready, who said teacups don't give off that old Hollywood glamour vibe? Nobody did. Look at this beautiful shot for inspiration..
La Maison d'Anna GI'll leave you with this for further inspiration for every moment of your day!
City RagHave you ever been at a wedding (or an event) that was centred around just one movie? Share it with us! The more extravagant the better! American Hustle maybe? Love that film. Let us find out what works..
Happy planning! Hope you enjoyed this and there will be more to come from me!
Heather x

20 February 2015

A fresh start. And a fresh face for the vintage lassies.

Hello there, remember me?  Well its only been yet another long while since we’ve dusted off the cobwebs from this vintage lassies blog.  Between parenting, running our wee vintage hire business, setting up a new workshop for it and trying to remain feet on ground – sadly our lovely wee blog has had a little bit of neglect. 

But fear not.  We’re back!

And I have a new face to introduce you to.


Heather is her name and she will be setting up camp over here, as well as on our did-I-mention-we-finally-have-an instagram account, twitter feed, and pinterest…  So, in order for you to get an idea of who she is – I did a wee email interview with her so you can know what to expect over the next few months…. 

Hello Heather, welcome to “the vintage lassies” blog. Tell us a bit about you and your life til now.

Hi, I’m Heather and I’m currently studying Marketing at Napier University, but have taken the opportunity to go on placement with Butler & Taylor. I’m currently living in Edinburgh but have spent the last few summers out at a summer camp in Michigan!

What excites you about being a blogger for the vintage lassies?

I’m excited to share the ideas I have, the things I find, become part of the blogging community and being inspired by everyone else.

We know you're Butler and Taylor’s intern at the moment as well, what do you enjoy about working for them?

I enjoy having the freedom to put my ideas out there, but still having their honest support when I’m not so sure my ‘great idea’ is actually great.

What are your favourite blogs at the moment?

Between pinterest obsessing and pretending I’m an interior designer (while helping my sister design her new flat) – this blog has been one I’ve found on my travels… Oh So Lovely Vintage http://ohsolovelyvintage.blogspot.ca.

And for some viral videos / marketing studying downtime – adverblog is my go-to! I can spend all day watching  - http://www.adverblog.com

What is your favourite Butler and Taylor hire item and why?

I really love the typewriter. I remember having a typewriter when I was younger that I was obsessed with, so maybe a nostalgic like.


You're in Edinburgh; tell us about your favourite places:

I like the Very Vintage shop on Bruntsfield in Edinburgh, it just pulls me in with all the random and beautiful things it has in there. I also really love the new café that has opened on the corner of my road, Odds and Ends coffee, which has a very vintage feel about it, as well as great coffee and lovely people.

And outside of vintage world, where are we likely to find you at the weekends?

At the weekends I tend to be trying to drag a friend to a new coffee shop, there are so many and I want to try them all! Or if I’ve gone home to the Borders for the weekend, I’ve probably found a highland pony to canter around a hill on. My favourite thing to do!

What kind of blogs do you hope to share with us over the next few months?

I hope to share all kinds of blogs, themes and ideas for weddings. And with the Oscars approaching, I’ve been obsessing over Holywood glamour, so expect a little something to do with that in the next week or so.


So stay tuned folks. 

The Vintage Lassies are back!

Claire xxx