21 July 2011

Dessert tables with a difference!

Wedding season has truly kicked off this summer and us vintage lassies have been very busy with all things Butler and Taylor the past few weeks! We have been gathering all our best vintage china and props for hen nights, and wedding dates all over the country. Last weekend we had a bride and groom hire 15 of our three tier cake stands to place in the middle of each of their tables! We can't wait to see the photographs!

We also have requests for cake stands of all different heights and shapes for dessert tables at weddings and events, this idea of a display of treats is becoming more and more popular as people are moving away from the traditional wedding cake and having a selection of lots of different cakes, tarts, sweets or even cheese!

Image from - pinterest.com/pin/21857323/

Claire and I are really proud of our cake stand collection as it is all 100% vintage, our stands range from the 1920's classic art deco style to the 1950's bright florals. We also have bunting and all sorts of weird and wonderful props available for hire.

I managed to find some amazing snaps of creative dessert tables where people have used domes, cake stands, glass jars and all sorts of props to create eye-catching feasts! I love the way people are stepping out from the norm and showing their personalities. Enjoy the snaps, click on some to enlarge as they have so much detail. Let me know which one is your favourite!

This couple must of had a sweet tooth!

Image found on - theartofindecisionblog.blogspot.co

Image credit - greenweddingshoes.com

I have always loved green and white American milk glass stands, I found this image on this delightful blog - http://ohhappyday.com
 These cakes in particular reminded me of the illustrations in Mrs Beeton's famous cookbook pictured below.

Images scanned from book

Found this pretty pic on - jkgriffin.blogspot.com

Image found on this lovely little blog - rubyju.typepad.com/blog

 All this talk of cake is making me peckish!

Jenny x


iheartflowers said...

Oooh those desert tables are to die for! It makes me think of the pink blancmange my mum used to make when I was a kid - she had a big old crazy mould which was like some of the Mrs Beetons pictures as well as a bunny rabbit one (reserved for birthdays!)

Love reading about all your lovely china! xx

cara said...

I love the milk glass cake stands too, so gorgeous. I need to be finding some vintage cake stands, all of mine are boring old Laura Ashley & ikea (oh the shame.)

Anonymous said...

I do alot of candy lane for our children at church , A small treat , a little fun . And I just want to say u did good , very impressed with your ideas , you got a good eye , I mean can really build on your ideas ty for sharing them , I am excited can't wait to run with it . JoElle in west texas .

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