13 June 2011

Will I meet Don Draper?

Has anyone else seen the film 'Six Degree's of Separation ' directed by Fred Schepisi? The idea is that everyone is about six steps away from any other person, so that a chain of 'a friend of a friend' statements can be made, on average, to connect any two people in six steps or fewer. 

So you can imagine my excitment when yesterday my Dad told me that his friend James has a friend in New York who is friends with Jon Hamm who plays Don Draper from Madmen! This makes me only 4 steps away from meeting Mr Draper and him fallening madly in love with me! Don't worry my boyfriend Tom is ok about this as he does not think it is likely to happen!

Can anyone out do me with their connection to Don Draper? or anyone else equally famous and exciting for that matter?

If you are not a fan already of the hit US drama Madmen I say jump on the bandwagon, the story lines are fantastic and the 50's and 60's  fashion and interiors always inspire me!

Here are some photographs of some of Don Draper's best moments so far!

Don if you are reading this you can get hold of me here on the vintage lassies blog or on our Butler and Taylor facebook page!

Jenny x


Lindsay Finnie said...

I cannot get enough of ol' Dirty Don either! Sadly, I'm most likely further-removed than you, but I DO have the Madmen calendar beside my desk to give me my daily DD fix...

Frances Spencer said...

I'm obsessed with MadMen, totally love it!!! Can't wait for the next season, only 12 months to go!

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