19 June 2011

Give us a twirl!

Claire and I are very excited - this week we spent an evening with designer Cassandra Belanger Macindoe, discussing personalised dress designs.

Both Claire and I would like something vintage-inspired and if possible, made from vintage fabric. Cass has given us homework - we have to submit some style ideas to her by the end of the week and then she will start the design process!
I spent the morning looking at old 40's and 50's patterns for inspiration....

Sailor collars, huge pockets, oversized buttons, ribbons at the neck, bows and belts, the ideas are endless! We will keep you updated on how the garments are shaping up. 

If you fancy making your own dress Cass will soon be starting her own classes, we will give info on these as soon as we hear the details.

In the meantime you can check out these links to find out more about hiring sewing machines and other workshops in Scotland -

The Life Craft 

Make it in Glasgow
(Merchant City, Glasgow)

Leah Halliday
(wonderful shop and workshop space in Dumfries)  

When in Edinburgh check out this new gem of a shop in Howe Street -  Homer sells mainly one off vintage furniture pieces and homeware items but yesterday I spotted vintage ribbons (you know I love ribbon!) and delightful mini sewing kits called 'Sewing Susan', just the thing to get you started!

Ok I am now off to research Peter Pan collar dresses....

Jenny x


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