23 May 2011

Budapest Flea Markets and more!

We arrived in Budapest late evening and immediately I could tell that I was going to like this city!

In the morning we were happy to discover that we had a very cool cinema and cafe right on our doorstep, this was called Kino and we made this our local every morning for tea and every evening for a cold beer!

We loved the fact that there was fresh home baking (the banana and chocolate cake was the best!) and on Easter sunday the guy that worked there gave Tom and I a free chocolate rabbit each, I was delighted!

The best bit about the place was the cool art magazines you could read, the 1950's odd chairs and the Earl grey which came with a mug of honey (very popular in Hungary) that you could mix in with your tea at your leisure, this was a taste sensation, I could not believe that i had never thought about doing this before!

On our first day we set out to see the sights. We were staying in Pest but Buda was only a 10 min walk along the Danube bridge so everything was easily accessible by foot or a quick tram ride.

Can I live here?

I wish we had pavements like this in Scotland!

The next day we travelled to the Pecsa Flea market. I had heard that this market was amazing and it exceeded my expectations.  I have decided to go a bit overboard and share all my market snaps because this place was so dam good, anyone heading to Budapest must check it out, lots of antiques, stamps, old medals and textiles, plus the sun shone! Open weekends 7am - 2pm.

Entrance to the market

Yes I gave in and bought some textiles, how could I not?

Quality of these photographs not so great but this image gives you an idea of the size of the place!

Three men stood behind this table, they had all their own handmade lego creations and other items for sale.

I bought the tiny globe in this picture!

Did you know that the Rubik cube was invented by a Hugarian called Ernő Rubik?

Why do I love tins so much?

After spending hours in the market we sunbathed in the Városliget (City Park) (sunbathing for pale me is just another word for freckles!) and then afterwards we headed to get some refreshments. I was not going to mention this place as sometimes when I discover really lovely places I love to be selfish and keep them all to myself (horrible I know) but this place was so amazing that I will spill the beans! 

It was my friend Ross that told me (thank you Ross!) about it and now I want to share the details with our blog readers! 

It is called Altair Teahaz and it was very hard to find (this may just of been my map reading skills!)  but well worth the effort. Once inside, it was like being in a underground treehouse! You could climb up into different levels of the teahouse, take your shoes off and relax. On the menu was over 80 different types of tea to sip, we were tempted by tea but opted for homemade lemonade since it was a very hot day. Visit if you have a chance! 

Tom standing outside the tiny door of Altair, at this point we were contemplating whether or not to keep it a secret! 

On our way back to our hotel we noticed two interesting shops -

One was a vintage shop called Retrock where I spotted lots of washed out denim, accessories and cool  T - shirts, check out their website to read about some of the designers they stock.

The other shop that caught my eye was called Front, here I gazed at Diana cameras and cool tin toys, you can view these on there website here.

The next day we had a ride on the antique Sikló funicular railway up Castle Hill. 

The same day we managed to get to Fisherman's Bastion which was designed by Frigyes Schulek.

This was the pretty view from the Fisherman's Bastion

On our last day we went to the famous Gellert Spa and baths, afterwards my skin felt amazing!

Nearby the Baths we found some great stalls selling typical Hungarian sweets and pastries so we bought some for presents.

Tom tucks into his Cinnamon snake pastry!

To end our trip on a high we went for a posh lunch at the famous Central cafe.

Look at these cakes!!!!

I ended up getting a box of macroons for my Mum.

Other top tips -

Go to Margaret Island 
Check out the Ruin bars
House of Terror, content very sad and disturbing but worth learning more about Budapest's past.
Printa -  gallery, shop and cafe
Ethnographical Museum - great collection of folk costumes
Hungarian National Gallery - Women with a birdcage by József Rippl-Rónai is one of my favourite painting!

Jenny x

Pecsa Flea Market


Anonymous said...

oh this looks amazing - was the stuff cheap?

Jenny & Claire said...

Yes very cheap! My tiny globe was about £3 and I bought some fabric pieces for under £10, wish I had bought more! x Jenny

Anonymous said...

I came across this post accidentally through Google search for some vintage shops in Budapest. I just have to thank you for this post! I'm going to Budapest soon and you had visited all the places I'm going to visit, so it was fun to get some information about them. So, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for these tips. I was able to surprise a Hungarian guy who has lived in Budapest for years with the tea house suggestion.

The Robyn Diaries said...

I found this blog post through google and am so glad I did! I am going to Budapest tomorrow and was doing a bit of last minute research, the tree house tea rooms sounds utterly amazing, all this has just made my list of things to do :D x

Elena Blank said...

Found you on google and love the blog! We are leaving for a short trip to Buda tomoz and have just added a few more things to the list:) thanks a bunch!

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