14 February 2011

Tea for Two

Today my lovely friend Anna and I decided to treat ourselves to tea and cake at Loopy Lorna's Tea House in Edinburgh.

What a treat! The Tea House was jam packed when we arrived but we only had to stand for 5 minutes or so before being seated. Vintage Teapots are on display, all the staff are cheerful and wear pretty aprons and everyone is chattering loudly - just as a proper Tea House should be!

We opted for a HUGE teapot full to the brim of Loopy Lorna's Morning Tea which came with a rather delightful hand-knitted tea cosy which we think was a goldfish design.  Our pot fuelled us with several refills and stayed warm so for £3.95 between us and about 6 cups of tea I think that thats a bargain! 

We sipped our tea from fine bone china tea cups similar to Butler and Taylor's hire range, which as you know I believe makes all the difference to drinking tea!

The choice of cake was difficult for Anna and I, I think we stood at the counter for at least 10 minutes oohing and aahing at all the different types of sponges and cupcakes!  There were just too many choices! 

In the end Anna decided to go for a homemade toasted scone with jam and butter and I went for my trusty favourite – Victoria Sponge at £3.25 a slice.  However this was so huge that Anna had to help me eat it!

It was fun being a Morningside lady for the afternoon, on my next visit I must try their high tea which looked very tasty. I will be wearing my twin set and pearls, see you there! 

Loopy Lorna's Tea house

370-372 Morningside Road
Edinburgh EH10 5HS


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