1 September 2010


Wales 2010 065
Well, this is us. 
This is Me (Claire) and Him (Mackay) (…“meant for each other.  Sent for each.  And likin’ it so…”)
and Betsy.  Of course. 
She is our vintage vehicle of choice.  Our daily work horse, our shopping trolley and most importantly, for this blog’s sake;
Our Vintage Vacation on wheels.
Wales 2010 361 Wales 2010 394 Wales 2010 402
In the three years we’ve had Betsy (a VW 1971 early bay low light Transporter with Dormobile conversion, if you’re interested) we’ve travelled from Dunnet Head right down to Lands End (where we broke down: the story of which I’ll save for another time; but involved a vintage cornish steam show and local radio encounter with a “rocket man” dedication)
This blog is an introduction to my love of my vintage vacations through the eyes of our recent trip to Wales. 
But first of all…. let’s take a glimpse at some other vintage vacations you could enjoy (courtesy of www.vintagevacations.co.uk)…
…Meet Doris
(I heart her pert stance & the deck chairs waiting patiently outside for me)
… And the Airstream Overlander 1954 interior with quilted glory and tiled floors to boot!  YUM!
I adore these retro touches!…
see more here
But I understand the great outdoors isn’t for everyone, so just imagine tucking yourself away in a cosy bungalow on the Isle of White like this one. I can imagine cranking up the gramophone, settling on this old sofa, pipe in mouth and cocoa in hands…
But what am I talking about? Our Wales trip was vintage vacation from start to finish in the great outdoors.  From our suit cases and shopping bags …
Wales 2010 393 Wales 2010 389
…… through to our retro junk finds in a field near our campsite Cae Gwyn.  Mackay even went back to get me more whilst I chopped dinner, and came back with these items to assist with our culinary creations… (Blue Tin Kettle and Orange Frying Pan)
I gave them a good wash in the nearby river, and we had one amazing meal after the other…
Morning……………………………………… Noon……………………………… and Night……
DSC05000  Wales 2010 192
  Wales 2010 230
In retrospect, taking pictures of all my meals is a little odd; but my, my do you feel proud with the creation of a slap up meal in the pocket sized kitchen (which is the passenger seat-come-popup kitchen in our campervan)!
But it wasn’t just our food that made this holiday special.  It was our experiences together exploring parts of Wales we wouldn’t necessarily stop for if it weren’t for the slow and relaxed pace of our 39 year old van..
We watched fishermen at sunset from the Gower Dunes…
… explored the medieval ruin turned Garden project at Aberglasney House
… discovered unchartered meadow territory to glimpse (and catch on camera) this Snowdonia outlook.
…and it took all these moments including 8 sunsets, 1 wild swim, 500 miles, our first helping of rain all holiday, 2 passes to the Greenman Festival (courtesy of Sparrow and the Workshop), the most amazing dish of Spaghetti Bolognese, 2 bottles of cava, and 5 years of waiting for Marcus to ask me to marry him.
I said yes.
And he even had a ring to offer me. 
It is perfect.  All of it.
… We already can’t wait for our next vintage vacation and maybe I can hint towards that bungalow for our honeymoon…. but open to suggestions of anywhere else?…
Wales 2010 384
In our next blog we are going to tell you the story of how Jenny and Claire met in the Glasgow coffee shop scene in 2005 and what lead us to our new vintage project Butler and Taylor, centred around vintage teacups and tableware.  We will be sharing our hopes and dreams of sharing them with the vintage hostesses amongst you in Scotland and beyond…
See you next week….
Love Claire x


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