7 August 2010

Ready Steady Blog!

And so it begins - Jenny and Claire will no longer be licking stamps before posting our scribbles. 
Blogging it is from hence forth. 
This is our new hub of vintage obsessions on the world wide web. 
Together, we are here to bring you what we both love: all things vintage.
Vintage to us means - of the past; inspired by the past, articles of beauty, beauty in the old.
We are obsessed with vintage china, shabby chic home interiors, vintage weddings and handcrafted articles of beauty.

We love and live in Glasgow and are forever getting inspired by what the city has to offer by means of vintage imagery. We want to share what we see and hope you enjoy what we have to say and show....

So this is us.

... My name is Claire. I love the sound of a distant waterfall, the crackle of a fire and waft fresh bread.  I hate silk bed sheets.

... And my name is Jenny.  I love quilting, eating delicious cakes, finding old umbrellas and a beautifully styled photo.  I dislike modern technology. 

This is the start of our online vintage journey and we hope you will come back to join us, contact us, follow us, comment on us, share us and speak to us.

See you SOOON....


Gills said...

I will be reading this regularly! So pleased for you Jens and nice to meet you Claire!! xx

Kirsty said...

I love your blog girls...
Claire...great to read about your engagement and special vintage vacation...I know how it feels to want to take pictures of all your meals cooked on one hob...I have loads from my campervan hol too!!! :)
Looking forward to reading more soon...

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